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Is it worth it to drive with Uber or Lyft?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Lyft or Uber driver? They both offer a flexible and safe way for anyone to make money by driving others around the city. Drivers work whenever they want while having the chance to meet new people and explore different areas of the city. 

However, I believe the most innovative aspect brought by ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft is the social revolution. Anyone can be driver and the criteria are quite simple. I will not explain the details about the registration process because you can find this information on their official website (this link gives you up to $175 once you start driving with Uber and this link gives you $4 extra for every ride you give in your first 30 days with Lyft). I will focus on my experience driving and the advantages and disadvantages. This will allow you to assess whether it is worth it for you.

After a several months driving, I’m still very impressed with how easy it was to start driving and the opportunity to increase my income. Unlike taxi drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers have full flexibility and can pick their work schedule. Since I already have a full-time job, they help me boost my income. Drivers are only required to drive once a month to maintain their profile active. Therefore, I believe most of the people actually drive part-time.

Having a second source of income (part-time) is interesting both for drivers and passengers. The peak demand hours are usually before or after business hours and on weekends, so everyone wins. The table below is part of a weekly report sent by Uber to their drivers and will help you understand why. The table shows the hours that I worked during a specific week and peak demand hours for that week. As you can see, I worked when I was outside of my normal working hours. Since these hours usually match with the hours of high demand, when surge pricing (Uber) or prime time (Lyft) is often available, I was able to make more than by working during regular hours.


Example of Weekly Report Sent to Uber Drivers


But what is my conclusion after for several months? Is it worth it? Working part-time has been quite worth it! I like to drive, so working for Uber/Lyft is actually a pleasure. The extra income is reasonable and the money is deposited in my account on a weekly basic. Each deposit considers the previous week’s rides. Another point I believe is important to emphasize is the flexibility. I do not intend to work many nights and all weekends, but take last week for example: I left work early on Friday and decided to drive a little bit before heading back home. In one hour, I have got enough money for a night out with my friends. On Saturday, there was nothing interesting to do, I could have staid at home watching Netflix, but I chose to drive a little more. The result? More income.

What about the disadvantages? I have done several rides and, so far, all my passengers were very nice, the feeling of helping the community is great. Of course, now and then someone is not having their best day, but we all have our bad days, right?! One thing bothered me when I started though. The Uber app did not allow me to choose where I wanted to go when I was ready to go home. Sometimes I was even forced to go to the opposite side of the city! I understand that Uber doesn’t want drivers cherry-picking rides, but they could at least have a “riding towards home” functionality built into the app. But after a few weeks, guess what?? Uber did it! Now I can choose the direction I want to go up to 2 times per way, which is enough for me.

So which one is better, Uber or Lyft? I would recommend driving for both companies. However, I prefer Lyft. Why? Mainly because I’m not happy with the politics surrounding Uber. They have been involved in many problems internally and externally and do not seem to respect authorities, drivers, or employees that much. But unfortunately, right now they have the largest customer base so we still depend on them. Lyft also offers the “Power Driver Bonus”, which gives drivers the opportunity to make extra money in weeks that they drive more.

Are you interested in having an extra source of income by driving with Uber or Lyft? They are currently offering a promotion for new referred drivers. Click here to register as a driver with Lyft using my invitation code and get a bonus of $4 for every ride you give in your first 30 days with Lyft. If you also want to drive with Uber, click here to register as a driver with Uber using my invitation code and get a bonus of up to $175 once you complete a certain number of rides (20 to 30). If the message “Henrique invited you to drive with Uber…” does not appear when you click on the link, you can also type the invitation code henriquec595ue to ensure you receive your bonus.

Good luck, and I hope to see you on the streets!