How to reach your financial goals faster and easier?

MoneyFountain is a resource created to help you reach your financial goals by earning more income and saving more money while still enjoying the most of your life and having the best services available.

After moving to Canada in 2012, we had an ambitious plan to save enough for a down payment of 20% on a house. We had no savings for the house since all the money we had saved was going to be invested in education. But we knew we would find a way to achieve our objective…

At first, we learned how to live on a budget while making sure we were not compromising our quality of life. This was definitely not an easy task, but after some research we learnt about the best services offered in the country and tricks to help us save money. However, saving more wasn’t enough!

We invested heavily in education and were both able to land good jobs, but we still had to do more. What else could we do? It would take a while to be promoted at work, so we had to find new sources of income that would not compromise our current careers. After a few months of research and conversations with friends, we started trying several options. And some of them proved to be extremely helpful!

With the combination of the best ways to save money and make additional income, we were able to reach our initial goal: buy our first house in Toronto with 20% down in less than 4 years!

But we know that many Canadians are still struggling to reach their financial goals, thinking that life here is too expensive, or that it is too hard to make more money. Therefore, we decided to create this website, where we will share our experience and demonstrate how any Canadian or newcomer can achieve their financial objectives.

Explore this website, pick some of our recommendations, and you will certainly reach your financial goals faster and easier by saving more and making more money. We will always be posting new articles, so stay tuned! Be part of the movement and immerse yourself in the MoneyFountain!